Our cross-disciplinary team boasts several gold medals in various data science competitions, in addition to several decades of combined computer vision product development expertise. See below and the media section for more info.


Gediminas Pekšys, CEO

  • BA of Mathematics, University of Cambridge
  • 5 years of experience in data science, computer vision and Deep Learning
  • 1st place in Deep Learning competition in Kaggle
  • Deep Learning paper review organizer

Jonas Bialopetravičius

  • MSc in Computer Science, Vilnius University
  • PhD student in Astrophysics, focusing on Deep Learning applications
  • 7 years of experience in computer vision and machine learning in the field of biometrics
  • Two 1st places in Deep Learning competitions in Kaggle

Darius Barušauskas

  • MSc in Econometrics, Vilnius University
  • 7 years of experience in machine learning and Deep Learning applications
  • Created over 30 models for financial, utilities & telco companies
  • International acknowledgement in online data science community
  • 5th overall rank in Kaggle, 5 prize finishes including three 1st places
  • Kaggle Grandmaster

Naglis Ramanauskas

  • MSc in Medicine, Vilnius University
  • Resident doctor of Radiology, Vilnius University
  • Deep Learning experience in several radiology tasks
  • 1st place in 2017 AI Hackathon Vilnius
  • Founder of the Society of Innovative Medicine

Jogundas Armaitis

  • PhD in Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University
  • 11 years of model building experience
  • Experience in applying Deep Learning to biometric and medical images
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow


Ignas Namajūnas

  • MSc in Computer Science, Vilnius University
  • Over 3 years of experience in computer vision industry and Deep Learning applications
  • Previously research lead for a Deep Learning based project
  • Two 1st places in Deep Learning competitions in Kaggle
  • 20th overall rank in Kaggle
  • Kaggle Grandmaster

Tomas Dirvonskas

  • BA in Physics, MA in Communications and Economics, Vilnius University
  • IT Business Competence, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
  • 12+ years business experience within mobile product area
  • Successfully sold mobile product development agency
  • Organizer of AI conference and hackathon AI Camp